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Chances are you have landed on our website through a Google search, Facebook ad or maybe from an email or banner you liked the look of somewhere on the interwebs. That’s good, that’s the whole point – getting you here. We will teach you that if you want to learn it, we call it digital marketing and we think it will catch on.

In The Beginning...

Derek and Lee met many moons ago in a digital forum. They were discussing a particular AdWords/Organic ranking strategy and naturally we had a lot to talk about. Back then (2005 I think it was) making money online was far easier that today.

Fast forward a half dozen years and that internet 'fad' seems to have caught on and now everybody is at it! Fortunately for you and me,there is enough to go around but the odds are stacked against you my friend. As of right now - if 100 budding digital marketers are reading this only 2 of you will go on to making it a full time income.

What's Hot & What's Not - Our Latest I.M Product Reviews

Copy and Paste Commissions Review

Michael Cheney and Omar Martin are giving the crown jewels away here! This is everything they know about affiliate marketing….and they should know, they’ve amassed $4 million plus in affiliate sales…

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Tube Domination Review – How To Rank You Tube Videos

Today I am going to talk about ranking You Tube videos with this Tube Domination Review. As an experienced SEO, I have got to come clean and admit that I have pretty much ignored video SEO. You’ll understand that sometimes you just get so wrapped up in what you’re doing you miss something stupidly obvious…

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Selling on Amazon – Instant Azon Review

I was absolutely amazed that you can build an Amazon store in around 60 seconds. At last it’s simpe to grab your slice of the Amazon pie! So, here’s how you do it – with my Instant Azon Review.

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How To Save On PLR

It’s the ultimate shortcut to earning decent income online. But finding good quality PLR is like finding hen’s teeth. So when I heard about these guys giving away their complete library of PLR products for a one-time, low investment (they usually charge monthly) I had to tell you about it.

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Michael Cheney Commission Machines Review

Will you make $2k per day to start out? Of course not, but Lee and I have been going on this for about 3 months now, and our best day was $1,295.41. Generally we sell something most days, but the essence of this is to understand what to do and then take consistent action.

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