“Claim Your Digital Authority & Make a Realistic Income From The Internet”

Chances are you have landed on our website through a Google search, Facebook ad or maybe from an email or banner you liked the look of somewhere on the interwebs. That’s good, that’s the whole point – getting you here. We will teach you that if you want to learn it, we call it digital marketing and we think it will catch on.

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In The Beginning…

Derek and Lee met many moons ago in a digital forum which is not as dodgy as it sounds by the way! They were discussing a particular AdWords/Organic ranking strategy and naturally we had a lot to talk about. Back then (2005 I think it was) making money online was far easier that today. For more information on this, check out our “About us” page here.

Fast forward a half dozen years and that internet ‘fad’ seems to have caught on and now everybody is at it! Fortunately for you and me,there is enough to go around but the odds are stacked against you my friend. As of right now – if 100 budding digital marketers are reading this only 2 or maybe 3 of you will go on to making it a full time income.

Why Should You Listen To Us?

From those humble beginnings, back in 2006 and after many years of abject failure, in 2010 we made that “quality decision”, that we were going to make it work come what may. So, we sat down and took a “helicopter view” of Internet Marketing as a whole. We realised if you had no traffic you had no business so we worked out how to drive traffic – and there lies the key.

It doesn’t matter if it’s SEO traffic, paid traffic or whatever, as long as you can convert it, you can win the online game.

Fast Forward to 2016

Over the intervening years, we had learnt an awful lot about Online Marketing. When we met Michael Cheney, he persuaded us to “come out of the shadows” and start sharing what we knew.

That resulted in the launch of our first “IM” product in September 2015 (The Keyword Cash Loophole) and this site. To add value to the community that has served us so well.

We aim to give you the information your need to succeed. In fact all you need to succeed – online.

It’s a simple mantra, so come back and visit regularly, sign up for our free traffic techniques (at the top of the page) and be first to know when we release more great free info.

You know it makes sense!

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