In The Beginning…

Derek and Lee met many moons ago in a digital forum which is not as dodgy as it sounds by the way! They were discussing a particular AdWords/Organic ranking strategy and naturally we had a lot to talk about. Back then (2005 I think it was) making money online was far easier that today. For more information on this, check out our “About us” page here.

Fast forward a half dozen years and that internet ‘fad’ seems to have caught on and now everybody is at it! Fortunately for you and me,there is enough to go around but the odds are stacked against you my friend. As of right now – if 100 budding digital marketers are reading this only 2 or maybe 3 of you will go on to making it a full time income.

Chances are you have landed on our website through a Google search, Facebook ad or maybe from an email or banner you liked the look of somewhere on the interwebs. That’s good, that’s the whole point – getting you here. We will teach you that if you want to learn it, we call it digital marketing and we think it will catch on.

“How To Claim Your Authority & Make a Realistic & Scalable Income From The World Of Internet Marketing”

Why Should You Listen To Us?

From those humble beginnings, back in 2006 and after many years of abject failure, in 2010 we made that “quality decision”, that we were going to make it work come what may.

So, we sat down and took a “helicopter view” of Internet Marketing as a whole.

We realised if you had no traffic you had no business so we worked out how to drive traffic – and therein lies the key.

It doesn’t matter if it’s SEO traffic, paid traffic or whatever, as long as you can convert it, you can win the online game.

We decided the quickest route to the money was building a client base. So, we consumed everything we could on the subject of SEO (search engine optimisation). We became experts, real experts with an in depth and detailed knowledge of SEO.

If you gain that sort of detailed knowledge, it’s easy to sell if. (Are you learning here?).

Within two years we had built a five figure per month client SEO business.


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Fast Forward to 2016

Over the intervening years, we had learnt an awful lot about Online Marketing. When we met Michael Cheney, he persuaded us to “come out of the shadows” and start sharing what we knew.

That resulted in the launch of our first “IM” product in September 2015 (The Keyword Cash Loophole) and this site. To add value to the community that has served us so well.

We aim to give you the information your need to succeed. In fact all you need to succeed – online.

It’s a simple mantra, so come back and visit regularly, sign up for our free traffic techniques (at the top of the page) and be first to know when we release more great free info.

You know it makes sense!

What’s Hot & What’s Not – Our Latest I.M Product Reviews

Commission Black Ops by Michael Cheney Reviewed

Commission Black Ops Review Every would-be affiliate marketer should know that all’s fair in money and war, and Michael Cheney’s new Commission Black Ops product tells you how to deploy the most lethally effective military-style tactics to blaze through enemy lines and emerge victorious – in every affiliate battle you may face. Explosive eMails Cheney’s main form of ammunition described in Commission Black Ops is emails, but his strategies for creating effective and explosive email campaigns can also be applied to any method you use to spread the affiliate word, such as posts on your own blog, or social media, or YouTube videos. So crafting your message in the right way to interest, intrigue and inspire people is the main crux of Commission Black Ops. The product itself doesn’t cover how to attract more and better qualified prospects to broadcast your message to, but Cheney promises to cover this in his live orientation call, which is due to happen on 16 March ? so you need to get in on that quick to guarantee a spot. But the product does kick off with an assumption that you’re attacking the internet marketing niche and all its messaging is laser-targeted at that market. Gathering Intel Cheney briefly touches on how to attract prospects to sell to by joining like-minded social media groups, before launching into the most effective ways to find the affiliate products that are easiest to convert in your promotions, so maximising your profits. With precise and fool-proof instructions on how to zone in on the most promising and lucrative products, Cheney translates the information displayed in online affiliate... read more

Big Commission Blueprint Review

Review of BCB

If you want success in ANY given field, find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and copy them. Taking it one step further get them to mentor you! In the past 12 months I have been fortunate to be mentored by two of the best in the business. Michael Cheney and Dean Holland.

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Niche Reaper by Matt Garrett Reviewed

Hi Derek here, Now…being the developer of a keyword research product, when it comes to that old chesnut…keyword research, I know what I am talking about. Keyword Research Tools Indeed, in Keyword Cash Loophole, I mentioned some of the tools available on the market today and why you SHOULD NOT use them, and I absolutely stick by that. The keyword planner provides poor information and does not return all (many) relevant keywords, again I demonstrate this almost to the point of boredom in KCL. You could say I am “anti” keyword research tools. And, it’s true to say that many have come and gone and to a piece of software, none of them have really delivered. That is why KCL is so hugely powerful, because it teaches you how to dig down deep into niches to find hidden gems of keywords. However, today, the landcspae has changed a little bit, well on the 10th Fenruary 2016 it will. On that day Matt Garrett releases Niche Reaper V3.0 and this is my review. Don’t Want To Read The Review? Click HERE To Go To The Sales Page Now (Special Bonus From Me) Watch this quick video, by Matt, to see what it’s all about and then read on to see why I think this is a game changer.   Niche Reaper – What Does It Actually Do? So, what does Niche Reaper actually do? Essentially it is a one-stop shop for all of your keyword reserach needs. Now don’t get me wrong, some manual input to the research process is still needed (in my opinion). Matt (who is a Buddy... read more

FB Fast Cash Review – Make 347% ROI In Your Underpants!

Hey Derek here, As someone who does client SEO for half of my business, I can tell you categorically, that SEO is becoming tougher by the day. Indeed, it is getting so darned tough, many SEOs have simply thrown in the towel and turned to paid traffic. Pay Through The Nose For Paid Traffic Now that is all well and good, but paid traffic sources have also come a long way in their sophistication over the last 3-4 years as well. And, in many cases, the good sources of traffic, like Facebook and Adwords, have not only become more complex to get right, the cost per click has gone through the roof as well. You try buying clicks for Auto Insurance nowadays and see how much you get charged! Unless you can dig deep into niches and find untapped keywords, paying for Adwords traffic is going to cost you more than you are likely to be able to afford in order to get a return on investment. Want To Go Straight There? Click HERE So, how comes a hermit like John Crosbie can earn a 347% ROI in just 193 minutes whilst sitting at home in his underpants? It’s simple, he’s created a Facebook ads process that minimises the cost per click and maximises the click thru rates. Earn In Your Pants Now to be fair to John, the “underpants thing” is a bit of marketing puff and boast, he assures me that is only while he’s checking his stats before his first coffee in the morning. However, if you cut your cost per click to the bare minimum... read more

Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secrets Review D A M S

O.K, I’ve been into affiliate marketing for some time now, and I am convinced it’s the best way to make an online income. And…I thought I knew a lot. That was until I met Dean Holland, to say I am excited about what I learned from him is an understatement, you MUST watch this video – NOW!

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Source Market Review – For All Your Outsourced Services

Hi Derek here, Lee and I have been marketing online for about seven years now. When we first started we did everything ourselves. However, as we scaled the business that became impossible. There was simply too much to do to make sure everything we needed to happen did actually happen. O.K, a large part of that was the fact we drove ourselves on by setting big, hairy, audacious goals. But, the bottom line was we simply had to find other people to do some of the work. We tried outsourcing to a Phillipinio VA, don’t unless you really know what you’re doing. We lost time and money. Thankfully Fiverr came along, and that served us well for a reasonable amount of time. But Fiverr got overloaded and the best people left. They found ways to build a client base independently of Fiverr. For example, if you found a good writer, chances are within the time you’d placed three or four Gigs they were gone! Thankfully, in 2015, enter Source Market. Founded by Alex Becker of Source Wave fame, it is the dream place for people who work Online to buy services. Here’s my video review. So, do have an explore around Source Market and try some of the services. There is some great functionality like being able to favourite and you can also put yourn own Gigs up as well as earn money as an affiliate. It’s a great place for Online Marketers! Click HERE To Visit Source... read more

Copy and Paste Commissions Review

Michael Cheney and Omar Martin are giving the crown jewels away here! This is everything they know about affiliate marketing….and they should know, they’ve amassed $4 million plus in affiliate sales…

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Tube Domination Review – How To Rank You Tube Videos

Today I am going to talk about ranking You Tube videos with this Tube Domination Review. As an experienced SEO, I have got to come clean and admit that I have pretty much ignored video SEO. You’ll understand that sometimes you just get so wrapped up in what you’re doing you miss something stupidly obvious…

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Selling on Amazon – Instant Azon Review

I was absolutely amazed that you can build an Amazon store in around 60 seconds. At last it’s simpe to grab your slice of the Amazon pie! So, here’s how you do it – with my Instant Azon Review.

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How To Save On PLR

It’s the ultimate shortcut to earning decent income online. But finding good quality PLR is like finding hen’s teeth. So when I heard about these guys giving away their complete library of PLR products for a one-time, low investment (they usually charge monthly) I had to tell you about it.

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