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Derek Armson and Lee Brooker first met in an online forum in 2006. It was an Adwords forum run by Stewart McKay (whatever happened to Stewart)? He just wasn’t there one day!

Anyway, discussing the finer issues of Ad groups and targeting they “hit it off” immediately and gradually started getting involved in each other’s business – not as dodgy as it sounds!

At some point along the way, the businesses merged under the APD Marketing banner and today they run a five figure per month client SEO business and have a vibrant and rapidly growing affiliate marketing and online product development business.

Derek’s Story

Over to Derek…

“We really didn’t know what on earth we were doing in those days! We stumbled from one crisis to another, bought more shiney objects than you can shake a stick at and made very little money.

I was in Adwords Excellence (the forum we met in) because I wanted to run Google ads to direct traffic to the worst product you could ever imagine. It was a collection of about 6 or 7 different PLR products (that were just slung together and not even branded) and I was selling it (or trying to) for $67. It was awful, but my mentor at the time, who will remain anonymous, although he should be hung drawn and quartered for giving me such useless information, said it was the way to go.

I spent (wait for this) £1,365 (nearly $2,000 at the time) in Adwords and got about 5 sales. Huge loss”.

Lee’s Story

“I was in pretty much the same boat, huge Adwords spend, hardly any sales. My ad groups were all over the place, relevance was a word I chose to ignore at the time (we all know Google runs on relevance – well, we do now). I was paying stupid CPCs and losing money hand over fist. It was a bad time.

I was working the day job (printing) and trying to get my online business going in the evenings, so if this is you, I know exactly where you are “coming from”.

The bottom line, though, is, I wasn’t going to be beaten, I was going to get it right and make money online no matter what it took. I saw the same dogged determination in Derek, that’s why I wanted to work with him.”


Lee and Derek became “official” as a business entity in 2010 having managed many joint projects up until then, including their first product launch, The Instant Social Traffic Forumla.

However, in 2012, they pulled away from Internet marketing and went in to client SEO.

“We went in to SEO because we realised that without traffic, any online business is a non-starter. Traffic is the lifeblood of any buisness these days if we’re honest. In becoming SEO experts, and I mean true experts, we learned an awful lot about marketing online”, says Derek

Lee adds, “We started small but very quickly proved the concept (that we could rank websites) with three clients. We offered services as a loss leader to get the testimonials. As we ranked these websites the clients referred us to more bsuinesses and initially, that’s how we grew. We got to 4 figures per month pretty quickly. However, we needed a quantum leap in the business to go into five figures. We needed bigger clients with bigger budgets”.

The First Biggie

“Having set our strategy we signed our first 4 figure per month client in mid 2013”, says Derek, “yes that was a good day”, recalls Lee.

With the business building by referral and by driving organic traffic, and new staff on board, Derek started exploring the affiliate marketing model again in early 2015. This led him to a chance conversation with affiliate giant Michael Cheney.

Back In To Internet Marketing

“When Michael realised how much we knew, he suggested we start developing products and build an affiliate business to complement our client SEO business (which was now well into five figures per month). So Lee and I sat down and produced a product outline. We showed it to Michael who got very excited and helped us bring the product to life”.

300x600Lee continues, “In September 2015 we launched Keyword Cash Loophole, an advanced keyword research methodology that shows you how to dig deep into niches to find keywords that are easy to monetize due to the lack of competition, but attract the same hordes of hungry buyers.

With Michael on board as a mega affiliate and extensive marketing via FB JV groups, Munch Eye and Michael’s inner circle we produced a five figure launch and a JV Zoo product of the day title”.

May The Force Be With You!

“We’d let the old APD site fall in to disrepair, so we thought we’d tart up out IM presence and re-branded to Authority Force which is where you are now”, says Derek, “why did we do that? Well, I guess we didn’t have to build this site. But, when we sat down, heads spinning, after the Keyword Cash Loophole launch, we decided that, once we’d got our act together, this amazing business had been pretty good to us. So, we wanted to give something back”.

“Yes, we remember the struggle, the financial pressure, the family pressure and the huge frustration at not being able to find the right information and implement it correctly”, remembers Lee, “the long list of failures and the feeling of “will we ever get this right”? I’m pretty sure many people would have given up…both our partners got hugely annoyed and angry at our determination to succeed. Mind you, they are happy now, of course”.

Persistence Pays

“But seriously”, says Derek, “we do remember it like it was yesterday and we want to try and save you that trouble that we had. If you demonstrate the commitment, determination and “never say die” attitude, you can make it online. There will be times when you want to curl up in to a ball and just give up, but keep going. The one thing failure can’t live with is persistence. Persist, get the right information and take massive action. You will succeed”.

“These are indeed key points”, adds Lee. “Only 3% of people who start out online actually end up winning the Internet Marketing game – you can be one of them. But you need the right information, which we will aim to give you, and your own persistence, which is very much down to you!”

Remember (and this really is trite, but it does demonstrate the point)…LUCK is “labouring under correct knowledge”.

To YOUR success – see you at the top!


Lee and Derek




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