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schema.orgThere has been a huge amount of “chatter” in the SEO community about the use of Schema and Rich Snippets since the back end of 2015. So, Lee and I went on a mission to find out all about it, this is what we found!

Essentially, adding Schema.org Rich Snippets to your site (or webpage more specifically) allows Google to gain a deeper understanding of exactly what you page is (article, review etc) and what it is about. Here’s a 5min 39 second video I made showing you how to add schema and rich snippets to your website.

Schema Rich Snippets Training

In all honesty, it’s the same as a lot of onine marketing stuff…once you understand and know how to do it, it’s easy. Finding out is the toughest part! Here’s the video.

Here’s the link to download the All-In-One Schema plugin…


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