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Review of BCB

If you want success in ANY given field, find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and copy them. Taking it one step further get them to mentor you! In the past 12 months I have been fortunate to be mentored by two of the best in the business. Michael Cheney and Dean Holland.

Now, I am going to be honest with you here, it costs an awful to be mentored one on  one with these Guys. Worth every penny in my eyes.


Simple! It’s taken me, and my business, to heights I couldn’t have even imagined a year ago.

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Don’t get me wrong I understand what it’s like to start out, from less than nothing. I’ve been there. I’ve been worse than broke three times. They say when you go down as far as you can go…and then go a little bit further, that is when you start to come back up. And that is my experience.

Every time I have been down it’s always been that one notch down I thought I could never possibly go before it’s turned around. I guess it’s that devil may care “well I’ve got nothing to lose” attitude that kicks in – maybe!

We Had Both Been In The Same Place

Anyway, the reason I ended up pacing so well with Dean is that he had exactly the same situation. He was desperately trying to make a go of this Internet Marketing game and had tried everything and every shiney object available. He was getting nowhere and sinking fast.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul and £60k in debt, his low point came and that “nothing to lose” syndrome kicked in. Now I’m not going to tell his story here, he can do that for you, needless to say he turned it around in spectacular fashion.

Dean is now a munti millionaire and growing fast.

But, why do I tell you all of this? Do I have a reason, or is it just to blow Dean’s trumpet?

Well, I am sure Dean is happy that I am championing his cause here, but I do have a genuine reason for giving you this background. And, for two reasons.

Nothing Special

Firstly, neither Dean nor I, or indeed Michael Cheney are anything special. If we can do this stuff…so can YOU! That is probably the most important thing for your to gain form all of this.

However, secondly, the fact Dean has created such spectacular success and an incredible system for training others how do to exactly what he has done, means that you can get in and start learning what Dean teaches at a base bottom price.

Big Commission Blueprint Reviewed

The Big Commission Blueprint is a superb entry level “How To Internet Marketing” e-learning course that gives you the grounding to build a big online business. So, here is my Big Commission Blueprint review.

You see, the problem with a lot of the shiney objects that the Gurus sell is simply this. They teach tricks. Everyone can find a neat, trick way of doing something. A workaround to get rankings, a cheeky way to reduce cost per clicks, a way to get aropund the Facebooks terms of business.

But…do you see the problem?

That’s right, they are all short-term gimmicks that will never have any longevity.

Big-Commission-Blueprint-ReviewWhat’s Included

The Big Commission Blueprint , however, puts down the basic building blocks for a properly structured and long-lasting Digital Marketing business. It gives you everything you need to base your business on and then the first tools you need to start actually building an online marketing super structure that will earn you income for the rest of your life.

This is why I like BCB so much.

There are too many products on the market that simply focus on one technique, shortcut or even worse loophole that tries to trick Google (for example). These products have a short “shelf-life” and are often out of date and not tenable within months if not weeks.

However, in BCB, you get a proper and bona-fide base structure for your business.

You learn about sales funnels, how to set business goals and vitally, some initial technqies for driving that all important traffic.

Support System

What I also like is the support system that dean has provided with Big Commission Blueprint. It is absolutely outstanding.

Support is quick and efficient.

Upgrade Path

And, the final thing that is so good, is that the upgrade ath to the higher priced products is clearly marked. Now this may sound a bit strange, but you can buy higher and igher priced products once you start with BCB.

Each time you buy in at a higher level…the more commission you get on the previous level.

This is all fully explained in the members area. But once you get to, say, iPro Partner level, you will be earning 90% commissions acropss an entire funnel, some of the products offering recurring commissions as well. If you know anything about recurring income, you will know this is simply the best income you can possibly get!

You do the work once and the money keeps on rolling in. It’s like Adele writing a hit record. She gets paid every time it’s sold or played on radio.


So, I guess what I am saying is that BCB is the first (albeit small) step on the way to building an online business empire. It’s the foundation stone to your Internet Marketing skyscraper. So, on that basis, if you are just starting out in IM or have been struggling for a while (like most of us did once upon a time), then Big Commission Bueprint is a great place to start. And at just $19.95 you can’t go far wrong.

Big Commission Blueprint

Earn Big Affiliate Commissions Straight Away

Click here to access Big Commission Blueprint



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