Commission Black Ops Review

commission black ops reviewedEvery would-be affiliate marketer should know that all’s fair in money and war, and Michael Cheney’s new Commission Black Ops product tells you how to deploy the most lethally effective military-style tactics to blaze through enemy lines and emerge victorious – in every affiliate battle you may face.

Explosive eMails

Cheney’s main form of ammunition described in Commission Black Ops is emails, but his strategies for creating effective and explosive email campaigns can also be applied to any method you use to spread the affiliate word, such as posts on your own blog, or social media, or YouTube videos. So crafting your message in the right way to interest, intrigue and inspire people is the main crux of Commission Black Ops.

The product itself doesn’t cover how to attract more and better qualified prospects to broadcast your message to, but Cheney promises to cover this in his live orientation call, which is due to happen on 16 March ? so you need to get in on that quick to guarantee a spot.

But the product does kick off with an assumption that you’re attacking the internet marketing niche and all its messaging is laser-targeted at that market.

Gathering Intel

Cheney briefly touches on how to attract prospects to sell to by joining like-minded social media groups, before launching into the most effective ways to find the affiliate products that are easiest to convert in your promotions, so maximising your profits.

With precise and fool-proof instructions on how to zone in on the most promising and lucrative products, Cheney translates the information displayed in online affiliate marketplaces such as JVZoo, so that you can make sense of all the data to target the most promising low-hanging fruit.

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Here’s a quick look inside!

But locating the products with the most potential for newbie affiliate marketers is just the start. Cheney then explores all the psychological tactics that you can employ to make certain that the product is a good money-making opportunity for you. The first is to weigh up the quality of existing sales weaponry that the affiliate product vendor arms you with, such as trusting your gut reaction that’s provoked by the sales page and sales letter and any existing swipe emails and extras such as bonuses.

It may not be in your mission to use all the tools provided by the vendor, but the covert clues that the vendor has implanted in this affiliate media is a clear indicator of the product’s suitability for your own individual affiliate promoting activities.

Conquering Obstacles

All new affiliate marketers face target-market resistance when they start out. Cheney reveals a gem of advice for gaining trust from prospects who may be sceptical of what you’re saying. This tip is commision black opsinvaluable for novice affiliate marketers who have yet to establish credibility and a good reputation. It’s something so simple but gives instant integrity to your message.

Another major roadblock facing pioneering affiliate marketers is getting approval from product vendors to promote their product because you have no proven history of selling affiliate products. This can be a challenging cycle to break out of, because in order to sell affiliate products, you first have to prove that you have previously done this.


Cheney gives you an ingenious way out of this vicious stalemate. If you’ve already purchased Commission Black Ops, you can use a secret code in JVZoo that will guarantee approval from Cheney so that you can become an affiliate seller for his products. This isn’t just another great reason to buy Commission Black Ops. Cheney is in effect giving you a helping hand to propel you onto the first rung of the affiliate marketing ladder. Once you have been approved by an internet marketer of Cheney’s status, you will be more attractive as an affiliate to many more product vendors, who are much more likely to approve you in the future.

Always Follow the Money Trail

Psychological warfare is imperative to deploy in this affiliate marketing war. If you know how to manipulate your messaging to push the right psychological buttons in your prospects, you will reach/mobilise your target audience into action to buy. Human beings can be complex and unpredictable but we are nearly all motivated by similar emotions, such as fear, shame, embarrassment, desire and hope. Cheney uncovers the subtle ways you can take advantage of this in your email writing and blog posts and instantly engage the attention of your prospects.

Digging down deep into the motivations and anxieties of many internet marketers, Cheney helps you craft a powerful message that should reach into the hearts and souls of most aspiring affiliate marketers, and influence their behaviour so completely that they will click that Buy button. Using anecdotes on a Japanese warrior and how his cunning strategies ensured his army won seemingly impossible battle above all the odds, and mentioning George Bernard Shaw’s allusion/reference to the existence of ‘dancing skeletons’ in a family’s closet, Cheney shines the spotlight on how you can turn negatives into overwhelming positives.

How Being Individual Can Help You Triumph

As an affiliate, you stand shoulder to shoulder with what could be numerous other affiliates, perhaps more experienced than you, who ‘on paper’ have a much better chance of selling a product. Cheney exposes how you can differentiate yourself from all the other affiliates, and add extra benefits to your product offering that will put you several paces ahead of the rest. These tips are invaluable and celebrate the winning aspect of being different from the others.

Cheney explores the anatomy of the most successful sales messages and reveals how to recreate this powerful, influential and action-inducing sales messaging. He splits every unit of the message into commanding components and shows how you can manipulate each message section in the most effective way to bring you maximum sales.

Where does an affiliate marketer get curiosity-sparking ideas from when writing their sales letters, posts and emails? Cheney discloses an endless source of inspiration from which you can borrow the most powerful ploys to rouse your prospect’s curiosity, attract their attention then hook them in to reading your sales message to the very end. As throughout all of Commission Black Ops, Cheney provides references for you to explore that will keep you up-to-date, on your toes, and constantly armed with this piece of savvy intelligence.

These are impressive psychological insights that expose a host of commanding techniques. Once you understand these strategies, you can make sure your emails, blog posts and sales letters are all read right to the last word, culminating in the prospect always clicking that Buy link. Cheney looks at motivational language in great depth, giving you an appreciation of a number of strong persuasive techniques to help direct every campaign you’re involved in from now on.

Take Aim and Fire!

Cheney concludes Commission Black Ops with direction on how many messages you should send for maximum impact in an affiliate campaign, and how often you should transmit those messages. Drawing on his own experience, Cheney describes the campaign pitfalls you may fall into, and how to resist them and come out all guns blazing.
Armed with Commissions Black Op, you’ll have enough ammunition to defeat the affiliate competition, gain victory in all your affiliate battles and conquer the affiliate market to always triumph in the affiliate war.

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