Michael Cheney and Omar Martin are giving the crown jewels away here! This is everything they know about affiliate marketing….and they should know, they’ve amassed $4 million plus in affiliate sales. Here’s my review of Copy and Paste Commissions!

So, what do I like about this product?

These Guys Walk The Walk

Well, I guess the real bottom line is Omar and Michael are real people who walk the walk. They are not teaching affiliate marketing from a text book. This is real “in the trenches” stuff that works. You can’t really argue when you look at the fact they have banked over $4 million from affiliate marketing.

It’s true there is a lot of, and let’s be frank here, shit peddled on the Internet as “Internet Marketing” silver bullets. The magic formula that will make you money for ten minutes work with just a couple of clicks. To be honest these things DO NOT exists, and it gives the market a bad name. There are lots of charlatans posing as “Gurus” who know jack. But Michale Cheney and Omar Martin are different.


How To Do Affiliate Marketing – Properly

Copy and Paste Commissions shows you exactly HOW they have earned those affiliate commissions. These are the exact techniques they used to get to where they are today. Nothing has been left out. All you have to do is understand what you are being taught, implement it and build your affiliate marketing business. It’s a s simple as that.

O.K, I know, I can hear you asking…what is the system?

And, I know, you know I am not going to reveal it here, but I will give you a little “taster” of what you can expect.

What’s In Copy and Paste Commissions

Email “Crush” Campaigns – An email methodology designed to extract MAXIMUM sales from your list.

Buying Signals – How to understand what they are and the psychology behind them so you can make your emails irrestible sales magnets (this alone with increase your affiliate sales massively).

Fencing – How to get those wavering sales “off of the fence” and commissions in your PayPal account. Brilliant techniques that get “inside the heads” of your prospects and simply make them get the credit card out – this WILL turbo charge your sales

Traffic – Don’t have a list yet? How to leverage Facebook for affiliate sales even if you don’t have a list. You need eyeballs, this is how you do it if you’re starting from scratch.

Viral Twists – How to build a list super-quick – again brilliant if you are starting from the bottom or need to increase your list size (don’t we all?).

Mistakes To Avoid – The three simple mistakes all affiliate marketers make – this shows you how to avoid them!

FIGS – This is pure sales beauty, how to tap into people’s deepest desires and fears to make sure they buy through your links.


And, because I have been working very closely with Michael this year, he’s allowed me to offer my subscribers a very special bonus package. What’s in the bonus package?

copy and paste commissions bonus

Big Commission Bootcamp – Michael Cheney gets down and dirty on how to set up the tools you need for your affiliate business.

copy and paste commissions review

From Mindset To Action – How to make sure you are mentally tuned in to what you need to do and then prime yourself for massive action.

copy and paste commissions

Instant Affiliate Income – a 12 Video Series that takes you by the hand and shows you how affiliate marketing works – top to bottom

affiliate marketing

Uncensored Affiliate Secrets – A 37 special PDF that shows you how to use bonuses to maximise your sale and the insider track on what works best.

That is a totally awesome package  – specially for MY customers. All that remains is for you to cash in, click the button below to get Copy and Paste Commissions and my special bonus package. I hope this review has helped you.

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