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As someone who does client SEO for half of my business, I can tell you categorically, that SEO is becoming tougher by the day. Indeed, it is getting so darned tough, many SEOs have simply thrown in the towel and turned to paid traffic.

Pay Through The Nose For Paid Traffic

Now that is all well and good, but paid traffic sources have also come a long way in their sophistication over the last 3-4 years as well. And, in many cases, the good sources of traffic, like Facebook and Adwords, have not only become more complex to get right, the cost per click has gone through the roof as well.

You try buying clicks for Auto Insurance nowadays and see how much you get charged! Unless you can dig deep into niches and find untapped keywords, paying for Adwords traffic is going to cost you more than you are likely to be able to afford in order to get a return on investment.

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fb fast cashSo, how comes a hermit like John Crosbie can earn a 347% ROI in just 193 minutes whilst sitting at home in his underpants? It’s simple, he’s created a Facebook ads process that minimises the cost per click and maximises the click thru rates.

Earn In Your Pants

Now to be fair to John, the “underpants thing” is a bit of marketing puff and boast, he assures me that is only while he’s checking his stats before his first coffee in the morning. However, if you cut your cost per click to the bare minimum and extract the maximum click thrus then you have a powerful formula that can make you an excellent online income and you do not have to worry about organic traffic.

So, what excactly do you get in FB Fast Cash?

The first thing I have to say is that, whilst the FB ads system is the real crux of FB Fast Cash, the supporting information that John provides with the product is outstanding. What I like is that anyone, no matter what level they are at in Online Marketing, can make this work. Even if you’ve never done Internet Marketing in anger before, you can work using FB Fast Cash because John provides an entire start-up plan for you.

He even digs in to some real-life niches and shows you how he starts – from A – Z in opening up a niche and then applying his FB ad techniques. This is info from the trenches, information that John himself uses to run, and profit from, his own affiliate marketing business!

So, what will you learn?

You’ll discover:

* Why All IM Millionaires Started This Way
* How to Avoid These 3 IM Nightmares
* Why “Free” Traffic Can Kill Your IM Biz
* Where to Find SMOKING-HOT Products That Convert Like Crazy
* Why What You Don’t Know Won’t HURT You… It’ll KILL You With This Traffic Source
* The 3 Steps to Create A Killer Ad
* Why This Ad Feature Accounts For 70% of Your Profits and Losses
* The Simple Graphic That’ll Work For Any Ad
* How to Avoid Being Slapped Silly By This Popular Traffic Source
* How Millionaire Copywriters Use 1 Extra Step to Hypnotize Prospects to Buy
* How to Laser-Target Your Ads
* How to Make This Traffic Source Work For YOU
* How to Make 347% ROI Starting TODAY
* And much, much more…

Listbuilding, Sales – It Works For Both

Lee and I were having REAL trouble with Facebook ads as a way of building our business, then we got FB Fast Ads. We have not looked back since we started using this product in early December on an early release version. Using the techniques we added over 1,000 new people to our list and achieved an ROI of 297%. It would have been much higher had we driven everything to an initial sales funnel, but about 50% of our spend went into our long-term relationship funnel that wasn’t aimed at making an initial sale.

And, the real beauty, you don’t need to spend thousands up front to start getting results. This system is simple, anyone can do it – and it gets results, like it says on the tin…FAST! All you have to do is follow the simple guidelines laid out in easy to understand bit sized pieces! I love systems like this!

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And, check out this quick video tour of FB Fast Cash…

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