It can be a right royal pain trying to find certain RSS feeds for some of the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, et al. Let’s face it, these Guys don’t exactly make their feed locations public knowledge do they? So, after a conversation with my Internet Chum Keith Everett on this very issue I decide to do some research and find out exactly where all the RSS feeds for all the major social sites are hiding – what a good idea! RSS feeds are so flexible for a start.

Yes, you can use them via a feeder or reader to keep up with what’s going on at your favorite site. But, you can also add them to your Only Wire account to get free and easy bookmarking and therefore backlinks…and you can submit them to the RSS aggregates for more backlinks and quick and easy Google crawling. So, based on that I figured knowing where all the social sites RSS feeds can be found was quite a useful thing to make public. So, without further ado, here goes!

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