Hello Again, Derek here,

Today I want to talk about the importance of split testing. I have to be honest here and say it was something I chose to ignore for a very long time. I cannot now quantify how much that igornace of split testing has cost me, but I am willing to bet it runs into many thousands of dollars.

What Is Split Testing?

Firstly, what is a split test?

Quite simply it is running two variations of something simultaneously. It could be ads, ethical bribes or landing pages. The idea being one performs better than the other. You then discard the loser, retain the winner and improve on that winner.

It is a process of contuinuos improvement if you like.

To bring this into focus, here are two squeeze pages that Lee and I ran as a test for the revamped Keyword Cash Loophole product. The link to the squeeze page(s) is below the images, it will rotate the two different landers so you can have a look at the very small difference between the two.

Landing Page No.1


Landing Page No.2

split testing

To See the Funnel Click HERE

Now, I’ll admit to thinking that the difference between the two was so small it wouldn’t make a jot of difference! I was wrong!

And, here’s the first lesson in split testing (anything) – Never Assume! It makes an ass (of) u (and) me – hahahaha – that’s funny! Before I became a split test convert, I would just have assumed small changes such as these would make no difference. And, I wonder (again) how much my igorance and being stuck in my own “know it all” bubble has cost us over the years!

So, which do you think is the winner?

Which would you choose if you had the choice?

How big do you think the difference is response is?

Small Sample

Now, before I reveal the result, which very definitely surprised me, I have to say this is only a very small sample. The traffic source was Facebook ads and a very small Twitter campaign and one link on the Authority Force Facebook page. So, it is a small sample of just shy of 40 clicks, and it is just an initial test.

However, the result is clear and there is enough evidence to make the result statistically sound.


O.K, here are the results.

split test

Quite remarkable isn’t it? 22% versus 50%. More leads from half the traffic.

And I thought split testing was a stupid idea….I think I am the stupid one here! (At least I have now acknowledged my mistake and am embracing split testing).

Update 1st April 2016

No this isn’t an “April Fool” 🙂 We ran a new campaign and sent some solo ads to it, here are the reuslts.

split testing results

Quantify The Results

The message is clear, split testing is a key component of your online marketing strategy. Let’s look at the results above again and try to quantify them.

So, if we were to multiply this test by 1,000, what would the figures look like?

Squeeze No.1 – 23,000 visitors – 22% conversion = 5,060 list sign ups. We make, on average $1 per list member per month (over the course of a year). Therefeore income $5,060 (peeling these figues back further still, this means I can afford to pay 22 cents per lead for the initial sales funnel – obviously we sell other stuff as well).

Squeeze No.2 – 12,000 visitors at 50% conversion = 6,000 list sign ups and an income of $6,000 – I can afford to pay more than double for the lead.

Now, if I continue to adjust and amend, each time picking my winner and improving…what sort of opt in rate can I get to? Alex Becker will tell you an 80% opt in rate is possible. The best I have managed is 72%, which is getting close to half again on top of the current Squeeze No.2 results. The figures start to get scary don’t they?

I repeat, the message is crystal clear! You must implement split testing as an integral part of your startegy IF you want to maximise your profits. And, with Internet Marketing becoming ever more difficult, you need every possible technique in your armoury to squeeze every last dollar from your efforts.

How We Do It

In the past it has been extremely difficult to do this. It took Lee and absolute age to integrate JVZoo with Optimize Press when we launched KCL. He was tearing out what little hair he had left!

However, now we have found a different tool for achieving this, we recently got involved with Russell Brunson and Click Funnels. To say we were blown away by how easy it is to use, is an understatement.

You see, the funnel is the new website. 

Remember this statement, it is hugely important.

Inside of Click Funnels we can keep our entire sales funnel from initial squeeze page, to sales letter, to OTO (One Time Offer) to downsell even to thank you and download pages.

If we have a membership product we can also host the entrie funnel and membership area within Click Funnels.

It is a stunningy good tool to have.

And, of course, it allows you to split test and records results in real time. It also allows you to declare a winner and make copies of your pages and funnels with a single click. If you can point and click you can use Click Funnels.

It has been an absolute boon for our business and something we will now, never be without. It can optimise your business dramatically and improve productivity and therefore productivity by a huge factor. This really is a no brainer for us – and it should be for you too.

Free Trial

If you click the ad above, you’ll get some free training from Russell anyway (which is worth having in any case) and you’ll also get a free two week trial.

Give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

Let me know how you get on and how much extra business it brings in for you.

Cheers now



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