High Quality Graphics Easily and at NO Cost

Building high quality grahics used to be the domain of Paintshop, Abode or Xara Designer Pro experts. Now, I am not dissing those products for one second and they make fantastic graphics…but they ain’t that easy to use.

If you watch and read my stuff you’ll know I am a big fan of K.I.S,S (keep it simple stupid). There’s a lot to be said for ease of use.

Canva Graphics From The Cloud

So, I was delighted when someone told me about Canva. Is it as good and as functional as Photoshop, for example? No, it isn’t? But, does it enable you to make reasonable graphics quickly, easily and at no cost? It certainly does. In my book that’s good and is pretty much all you need – I am a Canva convert. Yes, Photoshop if you want something truly professional – but hire an expert, unless you already are one.

However, for YouTube thumbnails, Facebook posts, headers, Instangram images, Canva is your friend!

So, I made a very quick video that shows you how to use Canva. This is so easy even I can do it and I am techically inept (as you’ll see).

As with all these things…if I can do it – you certainly can. Here’s my quick video tutorial on quick and easy, no cost  graphics with Canva – enjoy!





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