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Now…being the developer of a keyword research product, when it comes to that old chesnut…keyword research, I know what I am talking about.

niche reaperKeyword Research Tools

Indeed, in Keyword Cash Loophole, I mentioned some of the tools available on the market today and why you SHOULD NOT use them, and I absolutely stick by that. The keyword planner provides poor information and does not return all (many) relevant keywords, again I demonstrate this almost to the point of boredom in KCL.

You could say I am “anti” keyword research tools. And, it’s true to say that many have come and gone and to a piece of software, none of them have really delivered. That is why KCL is so hugely powerful, because it teaches you how to dig down deep into niches to find hidden gems of keywords.

However, today, the landcspae has changed a little bit, well on the 10th Fenruary 2016 it will.

On that day Matt Garrett releases Niche Reaper V3.0 and this is my review.

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Watch this quick video, by Matt, to see what it’s all about and then read on to see why I think this is a game changer.


Niche Reaper – What Does It Actually Do?

So, what does Niche Reaper actually do?

Essentially it is a one-stop shop for all of your keyword reserach needs. Now don’t get me wrong, some manual input to the research process is still needed (in my opinion). Matt (who is a Buddy of mine, so he won’t mind me saying this), will say it is a stand alone product and will fulfil all of your keyword research needs. But, given my “anti” stance, I can honestly only partially agree with him on this point.

Yes, Niche Reaper is superbly good. By far and away the BEST keyword research software I have ever seen – and that coming from me as well! And, in many instances it will be all you need. However, if you couple the niche reserach techniques I teach in Keyword Cash Loophole and, once you have gotten deep into a niche, then use Niche Reaper you have a nuclear bomb of a keyword research tool.

The Best Keyword Research Tool I Have Seen!

First up, what will Niche Reaper actually return for you when you do a search? Have a look at the image below which will show you a typical search return.

niche reaper review

Multiple Keyword Sources

As you can see the first column shows you the source of the keyword. Now, the first thing I really like about this product is that it uses a multitude of sources, not just Google. You get keywords returned from Amazon, eBay and Google Trends just to name a few. Plus 20,000 new keywords are added each day and once data is over 6 weeks old, it is deleted from the system. So, essentially, the keywords are always fresh. Another issue with the keyword planner is the age of the data out of date essentially), ansd it is the same with many other keyword research tools on the market. This is all totally fresh data. Huge advantage because you can target emerging niches before other marketers get there!

Then a simple algorithm is applied to give you the “difficulty” column which tells you, as a percentage, how tough it is going to be to rank the keyword.

The traffic value is self explanatory as is the Adsense value. Again both figures are extrapolated from the raw data to give you an indicator figure.

Buyer Intent – Vital

However, what I really like is the commercial intent weighting. In other words, this shows you how much of a buyer keyword it is. Assessing buyer intent has always been one of those “fingers in the air” jobs until now. It really was down to your best guess. We looked for keyword qualifiers such as “buy”, “review” or “price” to decide how close to buying the prospect might be.

O.K, some keywords have obvious buyer intent, like “blue widgets size 42.5”, but sometimes it can be tough to assess, here you see that presented as a factor of between 1-100, 100 being the highest signal of buyer intent. What I really like about this though, is that Niche Reaper V3.0 delivers the UNDERLYING commercial intent of a keyword without the qualifier appended. So, if we find a root keyword with high buyer intent and the write our page whilst sprinkling the keyword throughout with buyer qualifiers added as well, we end up with a powerful webpage optimised for many, many buyer keywords. Again, this is an extremely strong way of doing your affiliate site SEO.

Fresh Data – Also Vital

And, finally, you can see the date that the data was added to the system at the far right. This just confirms that all the results are fresh and recent. As I said the Google keyword index is ancient compared to this. So, if for example we wanted to search of something from current affairs, the Google keyword planner is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

All-in-all, this is a superb keyword and niche research tool, which I highly recommend, yes, really!

So, as I really rate this product and I do think it goes exceptionally well with the Keyword Cash Loophole in that they complement each other superbly. Indeed, you can use Niche Reaper to really multiply the results you get from KCL to produce lots of niche site keywords in double-quick time. So…I am going to do something I have NEVER done before.

The First Time I Have Done This!

If you buy Niche Reaper from my link I am going to GIVE you the base Keyword Cash Loophole product totally free of charge. I genuinely believe that if you couple the two products together, you have something that is like a precision, laser-like, nuclear strike in splitting niches wide open.

If you purchase through my link, you will be delivered a bonus voucher through JVZoo which will give you a code to claim your free entry level membership of Keyword Cash Loophole – the voucher will also contain a code to upgrade to a Pro membership at half price. All you need to do is mail me the voucher with your JVZoo transaction ID and I’ll personally set your membership up for you.

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