There is a very definite art to selling on Amazon. And, if I am honest, it’s something I have pretty much ignored as an online marketer. However, when you look at sales of $74 billion (yes, that’s billion, it’s not a typo), then you have to think they must be doing something right.

Hi Derek here and this is definitely worth 5 minutes of your time!

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Build An Amazon Store In 60 Seconds

I was absolutely amazed that you can build an Amazon store in around 60 seconds. At last it’s simpe to grab your slice of the Amazon pie! So, here’s how you do it – with my Instant Azon Review.

instant Azon Amazon salesI played with Amazon in my very early days of being an affiliate marketer, and I’ll happily admit I wasn’t very good at it! I built a website that was all about LED TV. I slaved over it for hours, wrote lengthy reviews, built each page individually, and sold…about three TV’s per month. O.K, the commission on a TV all those years ago wasn’t bad, so I was making about $70-100/month on 3-4 sales.

Clearly, the effort involved didn’t match the end results. It was taking up about a third of my time to run the site and earning $100 max. Not good.

Then, Lee and I were early adopters of building stores both within Amazon and outside of it as well. However, some of the technicalities were bloody horrible – not to put too finer point on  it. I like to keep things simple, let’s face it don’t we all?

So, like you would, I shelved Amazon and moved on to other things – thankfully leveraging my time much more effectively. Selling on Amazon became a distant memory and I was happy making money online in other ways. Until Dave dropped me that email.

The first thing to say is that Dave and his business partner John Thornhill are hugely experienced digital marketers. They know what they are doing. And, what surpsied me even more is that they have been beavering away behind the scenes building Amazon stores for three years now.

But, why is Amazon so very different these days?

Have a look at the following video review to find out how easy Instan Azon really is!

The Amazing Amazon Store Builder

The answer is simply the Amazon Store Builder. This is something that Dave and John have built to make it super-easy to tap into Amazon’s list of 250 millon products. It allows you to build an online store in around 60 seconds (once you fully understand what you’re doing). So, having built many stores and generated a stunning amount of sales via this plugin software, Dave and John are releasing their software and techniques to the world.

So, what do you get with the Instant Azon plugin?

  • You get – the Instant Store Builder plugin itself. It’s a simple to use push button software that creates a store in just 60 seconds.
  • You get – full video training instructions.
  • You get – the Instant Azon “Instant Monetization” feature that allows you to start earning right away.
  • Plus…only if you buy through this review…

Bonuses Galore!

You get a 25% discount by applying voucher code azonspecial” (at checkout) – and if that’s not enough…

…I have been working very closely with Michael Cheney recently as you probably know. He’s arranged for all of his close associates to offer a very special bonus when Instant Azon is bought through this link only! Michael has recorded a special video called “Top Secret, Top Products” This amazing 15 minute video training highlights the best and most profitable products on the Amazon market place. This video alone is worth the price. In it Michael shows you how to:-

  • Discover the TOP Amazon sellers that just pile on the commission.
  • How to discover untapped niches
  • Secret never before seen footage of how to make money on Amazon
  • How to rake in  profits – FAST!
  • And…the easy way to spot the best and fastest sellers

Again, this bonus, as with the discount, is ONLY available through the link on this page! So, click the link below and get out there making Amazon Profits – FAST!

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