Hi Derek here,

Lee and I have been marketing online for about seven years now. When we first started we did everything ourselves. However, as we scaled the business that became impossible. There was simply too much to do to make sure everything we needed to happen did actually happen.

O.K, a large part of that was the fact we drove ourselves on by setting big, hairy, audacious goals. But, the bottom line was we simply had to find other people to do some of the work. We tried outsourcing to a Phillipinio VA, don’t unless you really know what you’re doing. We lost time and money.

Thankfully Fiverr came along, and that served us well for a reasonable amount of time. But Fiverr got overloaded and the best people left. They found ways to build a client base independently of Fiverr. For example, if you found a good writer, chances are within the time you’d placed three or four Gigs they were gone!

Thankfully, in 2015, enter Source Market. Founded by Alex Becker of Source Wave fame, it is the dream place for people who work Online to buy services.

Here’s my video review.

So, do have an explore around Source Market and try some of the services. There is some great functionality like being able to favourite and you can also put yourn own Gigs up as well as earn money as an affiliate. It’s a great place for Online Marketers!

Click HERE To Visit Source Market

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