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tube domination reviewToday I am going to talk about ranking You Tube videos with this Tube Domination Review. As an experienced SEO, I have got to come clean and admit that I have pretty much ignored video SEO. You’ll understand that sometimes you just get so wrapped up in what you’re doing you miss something stupidly obvious. Blindingly, plain obvious – right in front of your eyes.

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I Totally Missed This

This is what I have done with video SEO. Yep, been so busy with launching products and client SEO, I’ve just missed something – big time.

And, it took someone to “shake” me out of my “blindness”. I got an email from Boon Koh, he’s a ridiculously clever online marketer based out of the Far East. He helped us on our last launch and I promised I’d help him next time around. Lovely Guy, but what I didn’t realise is that he just gives stuff away at stupid prices. And, it’s bloody good stuff!

I couldn’t believe how good Tube Domination is, simple, easy to follow, a route map on how to optimize a youTuibe video and, in most instances, get it ranked. And all for just $7. Quite remarkable!

“I don’t do it for the money”, he enthuses. “I just want to help people make some money online, I’m pretty good at it, so I like to help others do the same”.

The Review

tube domination ranking proof

Here’s Some Proof This Works. No.2 In Less Than 24 Hours.

So, here is my Tube Domination review.

The first thing to say is that I had to test this out before bringing a reviw to you, mind you at $7 I could have just taken a flyer. But, I do like to buy and use ALL products I review for you. After all, how on earth can I write a review if I haven’t actually used the product! Makes sense.

So, what’s it all about?

Well, it’s about getting vidoes ranked via YouTube, you might have guessed that with a name like “Tube Domination”.

Four Stage Process

The first thing to say about this product is that it works. It’s a four stage process to get your videos ranked.

  • Stage One – Keyword Rresearch
  • Stage Two – Competitve Assessment
  • Stage Three – On Video Optimisation
  • Stage Four – Off Video Optimisation

Boon also gives you the inside track on YouTube ads – a ludicrously cheap way to drive paid traffic. Again an area I knew nothing about.

Now, as you’d expect with my background in niche and keyword research I was fine with stage one and two. But, stage three and four were new to me – totally.

I bought an Armand Morin video optimisation course about 2-3 years ago, I paid $97 for it and never ranked a single video using it. In fact, that’s the reason I never really got “into” video SEO.

Instant Results

So, what results did I get? I did a video for Instant Azon review, which I only posted here a couple of days ago. I think most people have seen that, so…Watch the video below and bear in mind this is recorded two just two days after I put the review video up.

So, get ranking your YouTube videos like a Pro (horrible close, I know – sorry), but a bit of cheese every now and then doesn’t go amiss.

Seriously, at JUST $7 this is an absolute STEAL! – Click HERE To Get Tube Domination

Update 16th December 2015. dams-review-vid-rankings

Hi Guys, I just thought I’d do you an update and confirm that this product just keeps on giving! I did a review of the Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secrets product by Dean Holland (by the way, it’s brilliant).

Anyway, I did a really simple Powerpoint recording video which I narrated using Camtasia. Applied the techniques and in just three days had a No.3 ranking. I’ve also been chatting to Boon in some of the FB groups that we both frequent, what a top bloke he is. So helpful and he really does know his stuff. Anyway, here’s an image of the results I got on the DAMS review video.

I got the embeds from a top seller on Source Market – read my review on Source Market here (it’s far better than Fiverr) and BOOM – top three rankings.

Update 13th January 2016

Tthe Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secrets YouTube Video is now riding VERY high indeed in the dirty affiliate marketing secretSERPS -you can see a new screenshot to the left, I took it today.

I’ve now taken these techniques into client SEO as well and I am making an absolute mint in ranking YouTube videos for clients!

And, because the technique only takes half an hour to complete, I’m able to offer clients a “if it doesn’t rank – you don’t pay guarantee”.

How powerful is that?

I am charging between $150-$500 to rank a video, the guarantee I give is that it will go top five within 6 weeks or they don’t pay! Cool, huh?

I really love simple systems that produce results and this one does.

I highly recommend Tube Domination – Click HERE To Buy It, best $7 you’ll ever spend!


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