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Big Reveal Time

Here’s the thing…it hasn’t always been all sweetness and light for us! If you’re struggling to make it online, we known EXAVTLY how you feel!

The bottom line is, Lee and I weren’t really very good at all this Internet stuff for a very long time!

However, now, things are different.

And, you’ll never guess what? We are actually generating some pretty cool success online now!

Now, I don’t say that to be boastful, but just to demonstrate to you that we have actually learned our lesson. We now practice what we preach, whereas before we were full of shit and hot air.

What happened?

Getting Sorted

One of the things I DID know about was positive mental attitude and how to get your mind straight. So, Lee and I sat down one day and made that quality decision. We had to be able to back up what we were saying online. Why? Well, firstly people didn’t really believe what we were saying because we clearly couldn’t do it ourselves. We were trying to take the short cut to riches and we were really offering you very little value at all. (O.K, maybe a little bit – but not much, alright!)

So, we decided we had to get serious about our online business. That meant we had to be able to back up our claims so…we spent near as damn it three years properly “skilling up”. It became our mission. And, we would not come back to the market until we were bona fide experts in our chosen fields.

I went for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) after all we’re nothing without traffic….and Lee went for PPC (Pay Per Click), after all we’re nothing without traff…

We worked our rocks off, we learned from some of the best. We trialled, we errored until we started to see some light at the end of the tunnel. The odd success here and there. Then the successes became more frequent.

Gradually we took on clients, for small money at first. We started to prove the concepts, and started to deliver some real benefit to our growing client base. With the benefits being greater, we could charge more money (and did). And, so…slowly, slowly over the last two or so years we built a proper, bona fide digital marketing business. From nothing, from the ground up. We went back to ground zero and started again – doing it properly this time.

Fast Forward To Today

Lee now has over $1.5 million of advertising spend under management (Facebook and Adwords) and I am bringing in nearly $15k / month on client SEO.

During that time there is not one problem or situation that we didn’t come face-to-face with and overcome. We’ve been there, seen and done it, in the cold, bloody trenches of Internet Marketing.

I know, what’s in it for you? What are you going to get by being here? Well, Lee and I are dedicated to bringing you loads of REAL Internet Marketing value. Free stuff, the best product referrals and a little bit of fun on occasion as well. It’s a while since we went public and in the last four years we have learned an awful lot. It took a lot of dedication and at times it got very messy indeed. But we came through and lived to tell the tale. And, we now hope our experiences and knowledge can help YOU!

SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, eMail marketing, the whole shabang when it comes to making some moolah online. So, no matter where you are at with your online journey, hang around here and we’ll help you get to the top – see you there, it’s worth sticking at it.

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Also, here are a couple of videos (recorded February 2015) talking about the major factors of importance from the last Google algorithm update. I made these specifically for our paid SEO clients, but…as you signed up, you can have them too 🙂

I hope you find all this useful in your Internet Marketing, and do let me know what you think!







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